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Jackie B

  • Ankle Surgery

“Look no further, you have found the best! I am a 64-year-old woman and this is my story.

Three months I experienced a severe left ankle break (trimalleolar fracture) and was treated at my local hospital and sent home. I was to follow up with a local Doctor. in 2 days and surgery was to be performed within a week. Thank God for the Internet! I discovered Dr. Sibel, called his office and was given an appointment that afternoon. We live 2 hours from Henderson, NV so you could say his office said to come right in. Dr. Sibel immediately scheduled me for surgery the next afternoon. The surgery was successful. Dr. Sibel inserted a plate with eleven screws and I was told to keep any and all weight off of my left foot for six weeks. Follow up appointments went well and on time. I am now back on my feet, golfing and once again an active senior. My recovery is going very well and I feel I am 75 percent back to normal and improving each day. I highly recommend Dr. Sibel to anyone with a foot or ankle injury.

Penny M

  • Knee injection

“I just wanted to share my experience with my vist to Dr. Sibel's office.

The service from his staff was way above average with friendly smiling faces (which is rare to find these days among medical staff) and my waiting time was next to nothing. Dr. Sibel's explanation of my condition was explained very clear to me just not in a bunch of medical terms that one might not understand and he did not mind answering all the hundreds of questions that I had or try to rush me out of the office. I would recommend Dr. Sibel.”

Misty M.

  • akin osteotomy

“Working Wonders

Akin Osteotomy 2nd Metatarsal shortening

I would just like to start off by saying, I would recommend Dr. Sibel to anyone I know with any foot, ankle or orthopaedic problem period. With this being my 2nd surgery on my foot the doctor does matter. I feel like I would never go back to the 1st surgeon who performed a bunionectomy on my foot in 2008. All of my life, I had a bunion and my longer 2nd toe made the foot even worse. On my first visit, we did xrays and he told me what he saw. I told him what was wrong with my foot, pain, etc. and what I wanted. He explained everything he would do as far as surgery. I was thrilled and ready, because I felt like he understood and wanted to show me that. The staff was happy, caring, pretty and down to earth. Wednesday morning, the day of my surgery, May 15, 2013, Dr. Roman Sibel arrived at the hospital and explained everything exactly the way he did when we were at my 1st appointment. Surgery went great! I threw up in recovery a few times, I'm guessing from the anesthesia, but other than that I had no pain in my foot at all. I just hated how my foot itched, more and more, the closer I got to getting my stitches out. I couldn't wait!! It didn't hurt, not one bit. The nurse was super, no pain at all. I was walking around 2 days later, on my heel of course, with my crutches. About a week after my surgery, I didn't use crutches and was able to drive. The picture I uploaded (hopefully it did) is my foot before surgery, which you can kind of see the side of my foot where I had previously had a bunionectomy. The next two, are on the morning I got my stitches out, which was 2 weeks post surgery. The last one is my foot today, which is 3 weeks and 3 days since my surgery. I love it, no bunion anymore and my 2nd toe isn't so long. I'm starting to kind of feel where the screws and plate are in my foot and I still can't walk on my flat foot. I've been kind of limping, but I see my self 100% healed in about 6 months. I'll let ya'll know when I put on my 1st pair of heels postop!!!! praying :) Thank you Dr. Sibel!!!! ***PICTURES DID NOT UPLOAD***”

Robert Miller

  • Reconstructive Surgery
Robert Miller's photo

“I was born with a genetic nerve disease and muscular dystrophy, called Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease. I have type two of the disease, which is caused by damage of the Peripheral nerve. It attacks mostly my lower extremities, legs and feet. Before I met with Dr. Sibel, I was having a hard time walking and my legs would give out on me from time to time. I was in a lot of pain. I went to Childrens Hospital in Seattle, WA and met with Dr. Mosca, a couple years before meeting Dr. Sibel. I ended up having to leave Seattle, and couldn't get the surgery done. I kept getting transferred from Doctor to Doctor, because they didn't know what to do. Then, when I met with Dr. Sibel, he was straight forward with me and knew what had to be done. I've had two surgeries done by Dr. Sibel, and I plan on getting the other two done by him. He's an excellent doctor and recommend him to anybody needing Orthopedic care. ”

Matt K

  • Foot Surgery

“I had foot surgery from Dr. Sibel in March. He and his staff were excellent from day one until the last day of treatment. I was back playing hockey in four months.

Dr. Sibel is great and if you are an athlete I would seriously recommend seeing him if you have problems. ”

Lorelle Ellis

  • fx. left scapula


Diana O

  • Compound ankle fracture
Diana O's photo

“I met Dr. Sibel as a second opinion surgeon through my workers compensation case. I was a bit worried, because I wasn't having good luck with some of the Doctors treating me fairly. Dr. Sibel's staff put me at ease immediately and when I met Dr. Sibel I felt an immediate Doctor/Patient relationship with him. I could tell he cared about his profession as a Doctor. He explained exactly what was wrong with me and what we needed to do. I had a very traumatic accident at my workplace which almost killed me, so I was a bit afraid of everyone. Dr. Sibel removed the hardware that probably had torn my tendon on a complex triple break at the ankle. He did an excellent job in repairing it.

I know in my case I will have an impairment, but that was expected. I am definitely able to walk with a cane and I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to do that without his help. I love Dr. Sibel, as an excellent surgeon, and I give my 100% support to him. I would advise anyone looking for a workers compensation Doctor or just a regular Doctor/Surgeon that this one cares more for the patient than worrying about the company. He follows his oath as a Doctor. The staff is all great, and always smiling. The wait time has never been more than 15 minutes. The first time I walked in, there were about 20 people in the lobby, but (WAIT) there are (2) sides and different offices, so don't FRET it goes quick and he spends the time on you that he feels you need!”


  • Fractured Calaneous

“Dr. Roman Sibel gave me the ability to walk again.

He promised it wouldn't break and he was right. He is one of my hero's. I thank God for him.”

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